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November 13, 20131 min read

This is taken from my startup blog ~10 years ago. The sentiments still stand.

This blog is first and foremost for my own reflections. Anything a reader might pick up or learn is merely a side-effect.


The purpose of this blog is twofold:

1) reflect on my journey and pen down my thoughts and observations along the way.

As Alan Munslow writes in his Companion to Historical Studies, postmodernist would argue that all human knowledge stems from the “deconstruction” of subjective ideas – telling us more about the observer than the observation. I do hope that writing will be an intimate way for me, as well as interested readers to learn more about myself.

I am aware of the nature and challenge of writing in a public domain – how to maintain an authentic voice amidst public scrutiny. It is a challenge that I hope I will grow to appreciate.

2) record down and share my triumphs and failures. The only way to achieve greater heights is to recognize and learn from both the achievements and mistakes we’ve made in the past.

It is my wish that my sharing will give interested readers some perspectives into start-up life. Although I am still relatively fresh in the game, I do think that what I share would definitely interest people who want more insights into startups, especially the new-comers.

In fact, experts at the top of their field are often less qualified to teach than those who were beginners more recently, simply because those experts often can’t remember what it was like to be brand new in the field. Whereas someone who has learned the lessons and overcome the challenges more recently will have an easier time teaching at a beginner level.

TL;DR: Noobs like me are better teachers.

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