December 11, 20191 min read

I’m taking a sabbatical now for personal reasons, and for leisure.

During this time, I’ll be learning to code, write, and sell, while getting my physical and mental self to a better place.

What is Leisure?

Gems from Ryan Holiday’s “Stillness is the Key”:

"the relationship between work and leisure — drive and rest, hobbies and occupations — is essential and not explored often enough. We should start with the fact that most people don’t even understand what the word “leisure” means, because it’s certainly not as simple as lying in bed."

"In Greek, leisure is rendered as scholé — that is, school. Leisure historically meant freedom from the work needed to survive. It was the freedom for intellectual or creative pursuits. It was learning and study and the pursuit of higher things. Sometimes the best way to rest is to do something that tires you out, as many voluntary hobbies illustrate. … In a famous essay, the philosopher Josef Pieper wrote that “the ability to be ‘at leisure‘ is one of the basic powers of the human soul."


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