6 Years in the Making - Story of Ben

January 24, 20211 min read

Has it ever occured to you that once you noticed something for the first time, you would start seeing it everywhere even though it has never caught your eyes before? It can be a new word, a concept, or a specific color of cars,

Turns out that is called selection attention bias - noticing things that are salient to us and disregarding the rest.


Recently, as I start working on my own projects, I find more and more people around me who are working on their side hustle and passion projects outside their main job - launching new beauty products, building a stationery brand, starting a fine dining food tour in Tokyo, finding different ways to create and build something new.

One of them is my long time friend from college, Ben B.

Ben has managed to bootstrap his music-making app for 6 years, while having a full-time job and raising two kids - any parent will tell you having kids is akin to having another full-time job. The company is now profitable and self-sustainable with a few full-time employees.

When he started with two co-founders, it was a passion project and none of them had experience in building app or getting users. It took them many iterations to find their product positioning and a whole lot of A/B Testing and experimentation to figure out the best ways to acquire and convert users.

Along the process, all of them have had different full-time jobs to make a living while grinding the business on the side.


There's really no secret or bite-sized lessons we can get from Ben's story here, except that I find his story very inspiring - being able to grind a side hustle to a success in 6 years is no simple feat.

We often hear about big overnight success stories, but I want to highlight more stories like Ben that hopefully can give us the extra motivation to go create something on our own.

Over the next few weeks, I will be featuring more stories from people around me who are working on side project. If you would like to be featured, hit me up!

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